Dicro Oy - Elektroniikan sopimusvalmistusta (SMT)
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General information about Dicro Oy

Dicro Oy was founded in 1987 and employs total of approximately 160 persons in it´s factories in Finland and in Estonia.

From the very beginning the business idea of Dicro has been to offer full service Contract manufacturing for professional electronics manufacturers and applications.

The strategical business areas of the company are the manufacturing of the customer specific Cable assemblies and contract manufacturing of electronic products, including the electromechanical final assemblies.

For Dicro the highest value is a satisfied customer. Our main goal is to reach a long term confidential and strategical relationship with our customers. Through continuous improvement we want to reach a significant position in a market, as a high quality professional Contract Manufacturer.

Milestones of Dicro Oy

1987 - Dicro Oy was founded

1995 - New 4000 m² factory built in Nummela

2000 - ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certificates for Nummela factory

2000 - Baan IV ERP system launched

2001 - Operations in Rakvere Estonia initiated

2002 - New 1000 m² factory built in Rakvere

2003 - ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certificates for Nummela factory

2005 - 1000 m2 expansion to Rakvere factory

2006 - Dicro Oy acquired GE Procond Oy

2011 - 1300 m² expansion to Rakvere factory

2012 - New ERP system WiseTime launched

2014 - Introduction of the LED assembly line - Extra long circuit boards

2017 - Deployment of the MY100 SMT Assembly Line - Rapid Prototyping and Micro ICs.

2019 - Commissioning of the CNC machining tool line - Machining

2020 - UL certified cable and wiring harness production started

2022 - Commissioning of a high-voltage cable and wiring harness production line

2023 - Opening of a new factory in Narva, Estonia

Dicro Oy personnell

Dicro Oy in short on annual level

  • more than 70 active customers
  • more than 5 different major industries
  • more than 1500 different products
  • more than 4500 product exchanges
  • more than 400 000 manufactured pieces
  • more than 500 different manufactured prototypes